Amy holding a model pelvis

It's Your Foundation

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you might benefit from doing pelvic floor exercises? The pelvic floor muscles are a vital part of our body's core structure, providing support to our organs, aid in breathing, maintaining continence, and contributing to sexual function. Additionally, how we breath, feel, think, and move are all reflected in our pelvis. Despite the critical importance of the pelvic floor, these muscles are often overlooked and not given the attention they deserve.

This bundle includes a foundational workshop on yoga for the pelvic floor, as well as six practice classes (60-75mins each) where you will be empowered with an in-depth understanding of the pelvis, as well as how yoga can help to restore and strengthen it with breath and movement.

Amy has studied with Leslie Howard and is a certified teacher of Pelvic Floor Yoga.

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