What would it feel like to be fully nourished?

Do you feel a disconnect between the foods you eat and

the level of nourishment you feel?

Are you ready to have a more fulfilling relationship with food, while also learning how to eat so that your body thrives?

Nourishing Your Body is a 2-month group program to help you get clear on the best way to eat for your body, and supports you in understanding nutrition, using a functional, whole foods, and an evidence-based model.

Nourishing your body well is a requisite for good health. And yet, nutrition is a topic where there is a vast amount of inaccurate information floating around, leaving many people confused and unsure how to feed themselves. Let's clear up that confusion! 

Over the course of eight sessions, you will receive education on nutrition and guidance on how to start shifting your mindset around food. In addition, each participart receives two 30-minute coaching sessions, one-on-one with Amy, scheduled at a time that works for you during the duration of the program. As you level up your nutritional status, you may experience outcomes such as more energy, better sleep, improved digestive function, and increased hormonal balance. Most importantly, you will learn skills that you can carry with you for the rest of your life to support your well-being. We will explore the value of foods nutritionally and how to balance nutrients in a way that optimizes health, based on your health history, stage in life, lifestyle, and preferences; we'll examine what wisdom you already have about your body's needs, and how to tap into that; and, you'll gain awareness of your own relationship with food and how it supports or drains you. Open to women and non-binary folks.

Here's how it works:

What you'll get:​
  • Understanding of macronutrients, micronutrients, and so-called superfoods
  • Clarity around hunger, fullness, and satiety signals
  • Mindful eating practices that you can use daily
  • A framework for understanding the mind-body relationship around food and nourishment
  • Opportunity to create your own nourishment plan
  • Seven sessions over the course of two months (see schedule)
  • Full access to an online classroom full of resources


If you have questions about this offering, please reach out to Amy, [email protected]

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***The spring 2024 offering of this course will be a HYBRID of Zoom and in-person sessions***

April 17th through June 5th, Wednesday 1:30-2:30pm

Payment plans: